Welcome to the journey of the blue butterfly

About Azure Co.

In 2019, I began a small clothing brand, as it had always been my passion, but failed due to lack of consistency and motivation. Due time, I started writing poetry at the age of 14, and officially became an author at the age of 19. I published Scarlet Rose & Growth in April 2020 and Caged Thorns was published in February 2021. These two books are about the process of grieving and coping with traumatic events, while growing into becoming your best, true self. In November 2021, I felt a spark to continue the passion for my clothing brand that I had left off in 2019, and I created Azure Co. This is a clothing brand that portrays the concept of my books, into a clothing art form. Azure, meaning “blue butterfly,” is the epitome of the rose theme carried on from both of the books, Scarlet Rose & Growth and Caged Thorns. It is a conjoint theme of the rose blooming from the cage of its thorns, and in presence, blossoming into a beautiful, blue butterfly.